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Consolidated Enterprises Fire Rescue and Evacuation Systems.

Consolidated Enterprises was founded in 1982 and the team have a combined knowledge of over 70 years experience within the industry.

The Company acts as a Distributor and Agent in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland,
representing manufacturers of world repute and expertise with particular product market focus on:

  • Military (Army/Infantry, Navy, Air-Corps)
  • Police (General, Tactical , Undercover, Ballistic, Forensic, Telecommunications and Surveillance)
  • Fire Brigades, Health & Ambulance Services, Emergency and Rescue Agencies.
  • Specialists In Evacuation Systems
  • CBRN.., Detection, Identification and Protection.
  • Prison Services, Customs & Excise, Fisheries Protection etc.
  • Government Supplies Agencies.
  • We are suppliers of Fireblock Europe products


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Emergency Wheelchair offers…

* Speed, safety and ease…three big advantages of the EVAC+CHAIR over strenuous two-man wheelchair carries of the past. Since its invention in 1982, no one need be left behind or forced to attempt the stairs.

* Emergency Transport. Compact, on-site storage gives you an instant wheelchair for emergency use to move people quickly through corridors to elevators, exits and curb sides.

The NEW EVAC+CHAIR features:

  • weighs only 19-lbs but has a 400-lb (182 KG) capacity
  • requires no attachments to stairs or side railing
  • easily carried to wherever needed
  • no installation…offers immediate on-site protection
  • easily matches any traffic flow speed
  • exclusive automatic braking system

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