About Us

Company Profile

An Irish owned and based business, was founded in 1982 and the team have a combined knowledge of over 70 years experience within the industry.

The Company acts as a Distributor and Agent mainly in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but also occasionally in the U.K. and Europe, representing manufacturers of world repute and expertise with particular product market focus on:


  • Military (Army/Infantry, Navy, Air-Corps)
  • Police (General, Tactical , Undercover, Ballistic, Forensic, Telecommunications and survailence)
  • Fire Brigades, Health & Ambulance Services, Emergency and Rescue Agencies.
  • Specialists In Evacuation Systems
  • Surveillance, (CBRNe.., Detection, Identification and Protection.)
  • Prison Services, Customs & Excise, Fisheries Protection etc.
  • Government Supplies Agencies.

The Company is well established and has Military and Police contacts at all levels in areas e.g. Ordnance, Engineering, Special Forces, Transport, Communications, CBRN, Protective Clothing, EOD, Marine, Air Corps etc, and top-level contacts with all Fire Brigades and Emergency Services.

The Company represents and/or offers products from the United Kingdom, and many European Countries, USA, and Canada to name but a few.

We Supply:

Products which we have supplied and can currently offer include:

  • Personal & Protective Wear, CBRNe Personal Wear, Decontamination Equipment; Helmets, Body Armour, Camouflage, Tents, Sleeping & Bivvy Bags, Air Crew Flying Coveralls and Flying Gloves, Custom Backpacks, EOD products, Pyrotechnics, Ammunition, Gun Barrel Gauging Equipment.
  • Binoculars, Laser Range Finders, Gun Control Systems, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Equipment, Catering and Logistic Support Equipment, Surveillance, Forensic, Ballistic, Finger Printing, Law Enforcement, Riot Restraint and Control, Optronic Items, SWATscope.
  • Encryption, Communications, GPS and Information Protection Devices.
  • Speed Detection & monitoring, Traffic counting, Signalling and Signage Equipment.
  • Razor Wire, Barbed Tape, Security Spikes and Spike Strips.
  • Fire Brigade PPE including Helmets, Personal Protective Items, Gloves and Boots.
  • ResQtec Extrication, Lifting and Aircraft Recovery Solutions.
  • Evacuation Equipment including EVAC+CHAIR, Silent Alert and Deaf Alerter.
  • Evacuation Sheets for Hospitals & Nursing Homes; Resuscitation Products.
  • Access Equipment including Stair Climbers and Power Wheelchair Modification.
  • Emergency Lighting and Generating systems.
  • Custom Drying Systems for Uniforms, Clothes, Chemical Suits, PPE, etc.
  • Warning Devices, Beacons, Torches, Emergency Roadside Lighting and Signs.
  • Lifting solutions for Ambulance and Aircraft use, Stairclimbing, and Cargo Handling.
  • Quick Clot – Instant Haemostatic Blood Clotting Agent.
  • Water Rescue Craft, Custom Built to your specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive range of Vehicle, Building and Airport Blast Protection Solutions.

Health and Mobility Ltd. T/A Consolidated Enterprises. Registered Number: 295675