8050 M11 Tactical Flashlight


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The Peli M11 Flashlight uses a rechargeable 4 C Ni-MH battery stick and a hi-pressure Xenon lamp to generate powerful| bright pre-focused beam. The body is molded with an all weather no-slip grip pattern. The new castle top shroud alerts user when light is left on while standing head down. The push button on/off switch operates easily even when wearing thick gloves. Options include fast chargers| direct wiring| 12V adapters| transforers and more. The fast charger fully charges the Ni-MH battery stick in 4 to 5 hours| preparing the M11 flashlight for a full day’s work. The fast charger can be mounted horizontally or upright and an LED indicator illuminates when the M11 flashlight is charged. Mount the M11 flashlight in vehicles using the 12V adapter or direct wiring kit. The durable rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack can take a charge over 1|000 times. CAUTION: This Peli Flashlight is a high output Professional Grade Lighting Product and can generate significant heat and light intensity. Do not leave activated flashlight unattended. Do not cover activated flashlight. Do not place activated flashlight against combustible material or material that could be damaged by heat. Keep activated flashlight well ventilated. If the lamp is activated while in a case or other container| the lamp could overheat and cause damage to surrounding materials.


Length: 28.6

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